WILDING - Nature & Adventure

Wilding is a true experience of pure nature and our own place in it.

Here I offer trips and expeditions where you can explore and experience the wild nature of NE Poland in various ways. My goal is to show animals and plants in their natural habitats in a way that will allow you to fully enjoy admiring the species as well as understand its place in the whole ecosystem. I strongly prefer to work with small groups, so we are able to be quiet guests wherever we go and therefore we are able to observe more, experience more and feel more of the marvelous wildlife in Augustów Forest, Biebrza Marshlands or Białowieża Forest.

In North-Eastern Poland each time of a year offers something unforgettable to see.

We start our spring season with exploring the oldest parts of Augustów Forest seeking forwoodpeckers and owls. Later on, we go also to the marshlands in Biebrza National Park where we can watch many migrating and breeding bird species. Elks are quite common guests at dawn as well.

For all those who like getting up a little bit later we offer summer trips where we can observe dragonflies and butterflies in meadows and river valleys or rare plant species in old forests. In this time of the year, we simply cannot miss canoeing on wild rivers of Suwalszczyzna region.

Autumn starts with birds migrating and red deers having their rutting season. At this time of the year, woodpeckers are also quite visible during the day, and owls are quite loud during the evenings.

With the first snow, we start tracking mammals. Walking through the forest in searching for wolves or elks is always a great experience and of course a chance to meet them.


Join us for a few hours, full day or weekend!

I offer: 

Wild rivers kayaking & canoeing

Birdwatching adventure

Old forests and rare plants

Wolf and Elks tracking

European Bison safari

Dragonfly and butterfly trip

...and many more. Contact me to find out!

You can ask for a few hours trekking in Augustów Forest or through Biebrza marshes, but much longer expedition (few days) including various places (and species) in the region can be planned and arranged as well. During such trips besides trekking, we can go canoeing, kayaking or biking.

I can also help with finding the accommodation - whether you need a comfortable guesthouse or adventurous tent.

All trips are guided by Michał Skierczyński - PhD in biology, Biebrza National Park licensed guide.

Contact: e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , mob. (+48) 792-664-072, www.dziczenie.pl